With five houses, four streets, two squares and a shopping centre in the city centre, we at AMF Fastigheter had an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of the city. Because even if Stockholm is growing by two busloads of people every day, we cannot expect it to just happen. Deliberate efforts and joined forces are required to ensure that companies and talents to keep choosing Stockholm.

In later years, we have turned outwards, looking at urban international trends and finding great sources of inspiration. We have looked at what kind of thoughts students and young academics have about their future workplace. We have asked business leaders what they need in order to grow and shift into a higher gear.

The answer is Urban Escape. An urban space consisting of 130,000 square meters, where innovation, knowledge and creativity decide how the neighbourhood is shaped and how it grows. We want to create a space in the middle of the city where people can focus, perform and deliver.

The concept of Urban Escape was formed around the people that are to populate the city space. Innovative and successful companies are built upon the collective knowledge and well-being of their employees.

Studies have shown that the talents of the future, the people that all companies want to recruit, view their work as an extension of their own identity. They are optimistic, linked up and self-aware citizens of the world. In order to help them meet up and continue their development, Urban Escape is based, to a great extent, on the concept of “the third space”. The limitless environment that we find between our homes and the classic workplace. Streets, squares, parks, restaurants, cafes, lounges and lobbies where people meet and relax. But the third space also contains places for inspiration, focus and reflection – what most people need in their jobs, but which many lack.

Another important keyword for this concept is co-creation. Daring to open up, be curious and understand what drives other people in order to gain new energy.

Urban Escape is about people, about change and about creating an internationally attractive space.